Best Tips To Remove Stubborn Stains on Leather Bag

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1. Food Stains

Apply baby powder to absorb the oil for minor oil stains from food such as ketchup or chili sauce. Still, this technique is not advised for leather such as lambskin and suede, as the powder may get trapped in the open pores.

2. Wine Stains

White wine stains can dry fast, however, they should still be cleaned. The alcohol in the wine evaporates, but the remaining sugar may lead to fungal growth. Use a leather wipe (cleaning wipes specially created for leather use) to remove the sugar from a minor white wine stain and dry the area with cool air from a hairdryer.

For red wine stains, take it to a professional, as the color makes it hard to exclude the stains yourself.

3. Water (rain)

If the stain is caused by water, for instance, from an unexpected drop of rain, get a hair dryer and dry the bag with cool air. Insert newspaper or tracing paper inside the bag to absorb the liquid and maintain the bag's shape.

4. Makeup

Do not use a makeup remover if make-up is the cause of the stain. Such removers are regular oil- or cream-based and can change the natural characteristics of leather. Use a leather wipe for minor make-up stains.

For minor color transfer from jeans or furniture, leather wipe also works.

5. Other Stains

For any kind of stain, do not use baby or sanitizing wipes because they normally include alcohol or cream, that can worsen the stain.

6. Humidity and Odour

Place a bag of treated charcoal on where you store the bag for other stain-related problems such as moisture and smell.

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